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Year 2006 News

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Merit Commendations Updated - December 7, 2006

Merits have been given new higher ranks, as well as a new set of commendations for hacking lockers.

Head here for the update announcement.

You can view the new Merits and their requirements on Planetside Syndicate's Wiki page.

Holiday decorations have also been added to the game for the season. You may toggle these with the /humbug command.

Idealab Updates - December 7, 2006

DecemberSummary and Updates

The end of another year approaches and I wanted to list some of the additions and changes made to the site over the months. I wish everyone a good weekend and happy holidays.

Idea Emporium Boards

More images from CD members have been added to the gallery. Be sure to visit the forums to view more illustrations by talented designers.

Urban Areas

Illustrations were finally added to this section, detailing how simple structures, with changeable interiors, can provide some urban warfare environments to the game. Check 'em out.

Maglev Trains

A new section and Illustrations by Concept Division members and myself , were added, suggesting a system of transportaiton and territory control that could be added to enhance the strategic elements of the game. Check 'em out.


Index page and Concept Division model by Pyrotechnic added.

New Interface and Chat

AMS deploy radius idea by Kodefoo. When an AMS driver attempts to deploy their AMS and is blocked by the presence of another, a red line will appear marking the offending vehicle's deploy radius. This line will slowly fade.

New Command Abilities

Task Forces concept upated with new graphics showing more organizational options for squads, platoons, and larger units.

Graphics for a new Sitrep, Task List, and Outfit Deployment Report systems added, with descriptions to follow.

Squad List and Looking for Squad interface updated with more information and better tie-in with the Task Force system.

New Vehicles

An improved version of the Galaxy, Mk2, added. This vehicle gains the ability to load an equipment crate into an empty cargo hold, which can then be jettisoned to be temporarily accessed by troops in the field.

The Thunderer medical variant, the Guardian, gets a 12mm gun added to the front mount for additional protection.

New Weapons and Equipment

A wide array of additional infantry weapons are added in this section. These include submachine gun variants of current rifles, a new Punisher shotgun-variant, and a squad support weapon.

New equipment was added, including Binoculars, stimshots, oxygen, and signal grenades.

New Incentives

The Rank Salary system gets a facelift with new images of items available in the Goods Terminals.

Two of these items are the new storage options for players, first discussed in this thread.

New Campaign and Continental Merits concept was added, as a way to reward players for capturing bases on specific continents or in specific climates.

Outfit HQ and Barracks

Added to the bottom of the page is a graphic of possible Rank Insignia to be worn on the right shoulder. Also shown are squad and platoon leader marks using the merit graphics.

Beach Assaults

This new section details an alternate strategic method of reaching battlefields. Access to b eaches in select areas around the continent are controlled by capturing bunkers that overlook each shore. Once captured, vehicles and personnel may board a ship much like they would the HART and warp into the zone, racing to the beach in landing craft that decon as they hit the waterline.

Core Combat Improvements

Another new section, several improvements are suggested that can help make fighting in the caverns more enjoyable or efficient.

Planetside Reserves and Idealab Updates - March 24, 2006

Planetside Reserves Free Demo

Planetside Reserves download

Today, the long-awaited free demo for Planetside, titled Reserves, has gone live. Links on the official website currently point toward a new download file specifically for the Reserve Program. A Frequently Asked Questions page has also been updated with current information on the demo.

"Q: What is the demo program PlanetSide Reserves?
A: Demo players will be able to download the PlanetSide Reserves demo and will be able to play for free through Battle Rank 6. Once they reach BR 6, they will be able to continue to play the game, but will not accumulate additional experience points unless and until they upgrade to a paying account. On exit from the game after each play session, players will be taken to a website that will allow them to purchase the game client and upgrade to a paying account. Upon purchase of the game client, you will receive an additional 30 days of play after upgrading your account. This offer is not available for existing PlanetSide accounts."

Previous players with cancelled accounts, who already have Planetside installed but would like to try the free demo, for the time being will apparently have to download the new demo file and create a new account from there. Planetside Producer Thom Terrazas is looking into making this process more convenient for returning players.

Download Page
Planetside Reserves FAQ

Idealab Updates

Coming soon - Updates, new concepts, and graphics from January through March.

Planetside 2nd Anniversary - February 18, 2005 Goes Live!

PSIL celebrates its Two Year Anniversary with an all new look to the forums that blends with our site.

Idealab also plans to create a Training Center with gameplay lessons.

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