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Chat System Improvements
New Respawn, Revive, and Medevac Interface
Vehicle Interface ImprovementsUPDATED!
General Interface Improvements UPDATED!

Chat System Improvements


Chat Pane Concepts

New Respawn, Revive, and Medevac Interface

  • Sanctuary Spawn Timer: As normal, when this timer runs out you recall to sanctuary
  • Choose Respawn location button: As normal, click this to go to respawn map
  • Respawn Penalty Timer: When this timer runs out, you have paid the penalty and can click on a respawn point to spawn instantly. The time is at 40 seconds as an example.
  • Medics in area: This notifies you if a "designated" Adv Medic is within 75m-100m or so, whether they have their med-applicator out or not.
  • Revive and Medevac permissions: Allows a player to select whether they wish to be revived on the spot, medevaced to nearby Med Station, or remain untreatable by Medics. Were a Med Station not available (within 400-500m), the option would dim and be unselectable.
  • Carry permissions: Allows a player to toggle the ability for Adv Medics to carry you to a safer location for reviving or medevac.

FIGURE 1: Hayoo is killed and Respawn Window opens. As usual a dead-body icon appears on the radar map and a "Need Medic" icon appears above his body. This last icon shows faintly through walls and floors so that Adv. Medics can locate him easier. Were he to toggle "no revive/no medevac" these locator icons would disappear.

Visible through walls

FIGURE 2: Since he sees no Adv. Medics in the area, Hayoo clicks Respawn to select spawn point. His body does not vanish into a backpack at this point, instead it remains until he finishes respawning or someone revives him. Now at the map, Hayoo sees 2 Med Stations nearby but can't revive there without an Adv. Medic or Medic Vehicle's help. He chooses the AMS south of the base. He can choose to Cancel Respawn from this screen at anytime and return to the body camera and sanctuary timer to wait for a rez.

Sanctuary Timer

Fig. 1

Respawn locations

Fig. 2

FIGURE 3: Upon choosing his spawn point, Hayoo is sent back to his body camera and watches both the penalty timer and respawn timer count down. By now he notices 2 Adv Medics are in the area. Hayoo decides to continue respawning but leaves his Allow Revive toggle on just in case. Notice that the Respawn Window shows his respawn point as "AMS, Oshur."

FIGURE 4: In mid Respawn the AMS is destroyed! Hayoo is immediately sent back to the spawn map to choose another location. Upon selection, his respawn timer will continue where the old one left off, without having to start it over. Hayoo chooses Hvar. It's pretty far out of the battle zone but hopefully he can get a vehicle there. Hayoo notices the Med Stations are still there, safely cloaked and undetected. If he can get an Adv Medic's attention he can medevac to the Med Station and get some more armor juice and ammo in relative safety.

Wait for Respawn

Fig. 3

Choose another location

Fig. 4

FIGURE 5: Hayoo's respawn window now shows "Hvar, Oshur" as his spawn point.

With 15 seconds left on the clock, Hayoo notices that 3 Adv. Medics are now in the area. He selects the Medevac toggle and selects the voice macro "We need a Medic!" This makes Hayoo's map icon flash briefly. It also flashes his Need Medic icon over his body. In the nearby Adv. Medic's chat window, Hayoo's message shows as: Hayoo corpse (1st Level): "We need a medic!" This lets the Medic know Hayoo's corpse is on Level One of the base and desires a revive or medevac. A Medic sees Hayoo and moves in his direction.

FIGURE 6: Hayoo decides to cancel his respawn as he doesn't really want to go to Hvar. Since any new AMSs the NC bring would deploy outside the SOI to access heavy equipment, Hayoo would rather revive at the closer Med Station because he only needs basic equipment anyway.

New respawn location

Fig. 5

Canceled respawn

Fig. 6

FIGURE 7: The Respawn Penalty is at 0 seconds. This means that if Hayoo decided to respawn anyway, he could click "Respawn", select a location, and respawn instantly without having to wait for a timer. Hayoo sits tight as any moment the Adv. Medic will appear and Medevac him out of the base to recover and rearm in safety.

Respawn penalty over

Fig. 7

FIGURE 8: Revive, Respawn, and Medevac Diagram

Here you can see the choices presented a soldier with the availability of an Adv. Medic, Medic Vehicle, Med Station, AMS, and Tower. Location is Itan, Cyssor.

Revive Options

Fig. 8

  • Notice the health/armor/stamina/implant options available in the top right box.
  • The AMS is outside the enemy SOI to take advantage of the Urban Outposts supply line, access to heavy equipment (MA, HA, SA, AV, etc.).
  • A cloaked Med Station is in the woods to the west of Itan. The emplacement regenerates health and stamina for troops within it's bubble. It also doubles as a Medevac location that players can remotely Revive to if they don't want to revive where they died. Med Stations only have light-equipment terminals. That is, they only provide standard ammo, medical equipment, and repair equipment.
  • A Medic Vehicle is in the courtyard. When at a full stop, this vehicle also emits a regenerative field. It also automatically revives or medevacs (depending on the player's toggle) any fallen soldiers within it's revive radius. Typically the medics driving the vehicle can cruise around the courtyard, momentarly stopping next to a dead player and revive them inside the vehicle (if there's room) or revive and teleport them to the nearest Med Station.
  • An Adv Medic is in the courtyard as well. He can revive troops right there or medevac them to the Med Station, depending on what the player has chosen.
    Soldiers can decide to respawn at anytime before being revived or medevaced. It's up to them depending on the situation.
  • If a player dies with no armor, they can revive, medevac, or respawn with the maximum % armor listed in the box.
FIGURE 9: Soldier being Revived. Notice that "designated" Adv. Medics show up as green crosses if their applicator is holstered, and flashing orange crosses if unholstered.

FIGURE 10: Soldier revived and being heald. Notice he has 10 points of stamina and 10% armor. Had he died with 60% armor, he would have revived with 60%, as normal.


Fig. 9


Fig. 10


Due Credits - not including my own concepts, inspiration also came from the collective ideas from almost every player since Beta. I went back as far as August 2003 to cull the community requests, most notably from: Blahman, Marsman, Fort4Law, EarlyDawn (LNS), AdeptusAstartes, Nexus8, Terminator_uk, Greyflcn, alrabbit, OnyxBMW, Jibzie, Dviddlef, Etheryus, Cassandra, Dawsh, Trident, and hundreds of others. Thanks to each of them for reviving the topics and continuing the discussions.)

Vehicle Interface Improvements

View Ammo from Vehicle Pane

- Drivers can now view their vehicle health and ammo from their vehicle pane.

Drivers now also view the vehicle trunk with a button in the vehicle pane, rather than having to hit the "G" key near a repair terminal.

View ammo from Vehicle Pane

Displayed message for Transports
(requested by Gman55)

Entering message

Displayed message

AMS Interface Changes
(suggested by Kodefoo)

- When attempting to deploy an AMS and another vehicle interferes with that action, a deploy radius will appear around the nearby AMS and then slowly fade again. This will show AMS drivers how far away they must drive to safely deploy.

- Drivers can now select their AMS to Group Spawn or Empire Spawn from the vehicle pane.

AMS Group Respawn


Alternate AMS Interface Change

- When driving an AMS, an icon will appear on your HUD when you can deploy the vehicle, much like the liberator bomb icon appears in the bottom of the screen.

AMS deploy indicator - on
AMS deploy indicator - off

Scout Vehicle Changes

- Scout vehicles (Harasser, ATVs, Mosquitos) recieve a Laze secondary mode on their weapon systems.

- Scout vehicles also recieve the ability to detect enemy mines from similar distance of friendly mines.

Mosquito recieves a Laze-pointer
Harrassers and ATVs can detect mines


General Interface Improvements

HUD Visual Aids

- Players will now see a public progress bar above the player that is hacking an object or reviving a soldier.

hacking progress bar
Public Medic Rez bar

- REKs will know display hacker ability by a color-coded beam: Yellow for non-certed players, Orange for Hacking, and Red for Advanced Hacking certed players.

- Players will now see their empire's logo over "hacked" terminals or objects and a timer when close enough to access the enemy object. (requested by EarlyDawn)


Updated - Players will now see health bars above terminals, generators, and spawn tubes only when they become damaged.

- Players can toggle Enemy Outfit tags

See-Enemy-Outfit toggle

- Implants show a visual timer for activation

Visible timers on Implants

Voice Macro Icons

- Players who speak a Need or Warning Voice Macro will have an appropriate icon flash above their heads. Warning voice macros will flash an exclamation point of the appropriate color (green, gold, orange, or purple). Need messages will produce two white exclamation points and a white icon between them of the service needed (passenger, gunner, hacker, heal, repair, etc.). These can be toggled to stay hidden when a macro is spoken.

Click on the image to view the Flash demonstration of the concept.

Map HUD Improvements

- A player's vehicle will now show up on the continent map.

Vehicle as seen on Proximity Radar
Vehicle as seen on Continent Map

Vehicle as seen on Proximity Radar
Vehicle as seen on Continent Map

- All contacts that appear on your poximity map, and only those contacts, will now appear on your continent map. To view a wider range of contacts, you must zoom out your proximity radar.

Proximity Map data
Proximity Map data on Continent Map

- Warpgates recieve more descriptive names: "Broadcast Warpgate" becomes "Esamir [Nott] Broadcast Warpgate"

Descriptive names on warpgates

Cert-specific HUD Features

- Combat Engineering ACEs will now be listed in a new HUD window showing how many of each type has been placed and how many deployables are left.

Added to game, October 13, 2005!

Deployables HUD Concept
Proximity Map data on Continent Map

Deployables HUD Concept (94kb) (01-16-2004)
NEW! - Flash Demo: CE Tracker (10-01-2005)

- Continent maps will now show your CE deployables as yellow to distinguish from white friendly deployables.

Deployables marked on Continent Map

Added to game, May 25, 2007!

Deployables marked on Continent Map

- Boomers will now have a number hovering over each deployable for easy locating. Detonators will also be numbered on the trigger and in your inventory to correspond to it's linked boomer.

You will only see the boomer number on your Cont Map if you have its detonator in your inventory. Discarding a detonator removes it from the map.


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