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Disclaimer: These concepts are for entertainment only and are in no way an official SONY concept for Planetside.

Concepts to improve Core Combat gameplay .

  • Broadcast warp direct to caves (coming soon)
  • IFF locks on base doors (coming soon)
  • Random spawning in spawn pad, like AMS (coming soon)
  • Destroy/Disrupt spawn points (coming soon)
  • Base Status windows, showing hack status and module information

  • Extra spawn locations, called Outposts

  • Base Status Window with Outfit Headquarters upgrades:
  • Advanced IFF locks (longer door hacks on the IFF panels to be added to all doors);
  • Automatic Sentry Turrets (currently turrets are neutral, now any turret directly attached to the facility - or maybe within the sphere of influence - will belong to your empire and will auto fire on enemy vehicles).

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