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Concept Overview

Seaborne Assault Transport (SAT)
Shore Bunkers

Beach Assault Scenario
The airborne assault
The beachhead secured

Continent Beaches
Available Beaches

Design updates on Beach Assaults can be found on Idealab Forums.



Beach Assault: Introduction

"Beach Assaults" is a concept for maritime landings on a hostile shore directly from an Empire's Sanctuary. Its purpose is to:

  1. allow vehicles to be inserted into a continent by means other than a warpgate,
  2. allow forces to arrive nearer an objective than a warpgate allows,
  3. provide an additional early-warning system for defending forces of impending invasion,
  4. and allow strategic flanking of enemy positions by the defending or attacking forces.

This concept is not one of a Planetside Navy, but purely an alternative to warpgates for strategic maneuvers.

The means for Beach Assaults to occur center around the Seaborne Assault Transport (SAT) and Shore Bunkers.

Beach Assault: Seaborne Assault Transport

The Seaborne Assault Transport (SAT) can be considered a HART for vehicles, with the exception that instead of landing them anywhere on a continent, they can only arrive at one of 5 to 7 designated beach areas on each landmass. Personnel on foot may also use the SAT to reach shore.

The Seaport

Each Sanctuary has one Seaport where SATs can be boarded. Like the HART a timer determines when each transport arrives in port and when it leaves. Close to each port are several vehicle terminals and virtual transport links (teleports), and vehicle rearm and repair terminals.

Players and Vehicle will enter their waiting areas, the lobby and loading dock respectively, and move through the personnel or vehicle doors when the transport vessel has arrived and the boarding light turns green. Equipment, certification, and implant terminals are available to troops in the lobby.

Once the departure countdown is completed, the SAT will pull away from the port, sail a ways out into sea, and suddenly warp away using it's own massive teleporting engines to travel to each landmass's oceans.

Players will have the choice of landing at any designated beach on each continent. First, however, the beaches must be "unlocked" for players to land. This is done by hacking and capturing the two Shore Bunkers at each beach.

The Shore Bunkers

Each accessable beach on a continent is guarded by a set of two-story bunkers. On the ground floor is a control console and an equipment terminal. On the second floor, reached by a ramp upwards, are the firing ports, great panoramic windows looking out over the beach.

Beach access is controlled by these bunkers. Players must hack and hold each bunker for an alloted time before forces on the SAT can land assault craft onto the beach. Once each bunker is captured, the beach "unlocks" and landing can occur. Both bunkers must be controlled to be open to a specific empire. If the opposing force captures one bunker back, the beach is still open to the current empire.

Shore bunkers start as neutral and will return neutral after capture following a specified time, most likely 30 min, unless an action has been performed on the beach during that period, such as an assault landing, an attempted hack and a resecure, or a rehack anytime while the bunker is controlled by your empire. If nothing is done, the bunker eventually turns neutral from disuse.

Once the beach is unlocked, a player can select the beach area symbol and press the Launch Landing Craft button.

The player or their vehicle will immediately appear offshore in a suitably sized landing craft, and speed toward the beach at 80 kph. Vehicles and personnel may not fire from the craft until it has landed.

Once the craft reaches the edge of the shore, the craft ramp will drop, and the vehicle or soldiers can move forward while the landing craft deconstructs around them.

Should one of the shore bunkers be controlled by the enemy, players should be prepared for a contested landing.



Beach Assault Scenario:

Airborne Assault

This operation involves three NC forces. The Facility Capture force and the Beach Capture force, each transported in two galaxies, accompanied by two lodestars carrying AMSes for respawn. The third NC force consists of allies and opportunistic players waiting for a beach to unlock.

  • NC Galaxies depart from Sanctuary

  • NC Force 1 and 2 arrive on target continent and head to their objectives

  • NC Force 2 arrives at the beach and troops jump over their targets, hacking both bunkers

  • NC Force 1 arrives at Wele, drops the tubes, and hacks the base and the adjoining tower

  • TR forces respond, attacking Wele, the tower, and the north shore bunker. TR forces resecure the base.

  • NC forces re-hack Wele. With roughly two minutes left on the shore hack, TR forces attack both bunkers in addition to continued attacks on Wele and it's tower. NC forces hack South Wele Gun Tower.

Beachhead Secured

  • NC forces secure the hack on both shore bunkers and the third assault force arrives. TR forces manage to hack the north shore bunker but it is too late.To relock the beach to the NC, they must now capture both bunkers.

  • TR forces complete the hack on the north bunker, but offshore reinforcements overwhelm defenses to rehack it. Beach forces now move to secure Wele and the south tower, blocking vehicle advances from Aja.

NC forces now have the option of invading Cyssor from the warpgate over the long road to Wele or on the beach directly south of the base. TR forces must not only force their way to Wele to save it but must also recapture the beach shortcut from the NC sanctuary.

Should NC forces capture Aja as well, TR forces may choose to recapture the beach behind them and attack Aja from both north and south, putting the NC advance off balance.



Beach Assault: Available Beaches











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