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Here you will find news on updates to the featured concepts pages.

Idea Terminal Update - July 15, 2005

Updates and tweaks to the following sections:

Idea Terminal Update - October 5, 2004

Updates and tweaks to the following sections:

Idea Terminal Section Update - July 12, 2004

A few Idea Terminal section have been updated:

Brought the Idea Terminal news page up to date.

Updated the New Certifications section to merge the Technician cert into Engineering, as well as add the Field Assault and Field Engineering certs in preperation for the opening of the Deployable Emplacements and New Weapons and Equipment sections.

Listed the types of items for availabe for Deployable Emplacements and New Weapons sections. More details on that are coming.

Re-designed the Infantry Support Vehicle and Aircraft in the New Vehicles section as Medevac vehicles to supplement Adv Medic role and the revive/medevac concepts.

Interface and Chat Section Opened - July 6, 2004

The "New Interface and Chat" section has been opened with new interface concepts for reviving and respawning, viewing vehicle status, and more. Check it out.

Updated: More HUD improvements

have been added, specifically visual aids for hacking and repairing.

Wishful Patch Notes Update - May 20, 2004

The Patch Notes section has been updated with a few small items:

AMS deploy warning icon - This feature has been requested many times, so I've whipped up a small image for how it could look.

Vehicle Pane improvements - Also frequently requested by the community, these improvements include remote viewing of a vehicle's ammo supply, type of weapons, and vehicle health. The AMS gets a Group Spawn select.


Zone Radar - an aircraft tracking feature attached to the Urban Areas concept.

Site Updates - April 16, 2004

  • New concept screenshot on Voice Macro icons is in the Wishful Patch Notes section.
  • A Planetside Icon has been added to the Wishful Patch Notes. A glowing blue icon signifies an idea that happens to be in actual development (e.g. Armor bars), while a non-glowing icon signifies a wished feature that has already gone Live (after the entry was posted)..

New Patch Notes Update! - March 5, 2004

New entries for the Wishful Patch Notes section added today. These concepts have been constantly asked for in one form or another by the community. So check out the listing below to see the screens and read about the concepts.

Avatar Armor Bars
Numbered Boomers
Vehicle Location on Continent Map
Proximity Map contacts on Continent Map

and last but not least

Your Deployables appearing on the Continent Map

Another Wishful Patch Notes UPDATE! - February 14, 2004

Several sections of the Wishful Patch Notes have been updated again with new conceptual screens:

Rear-view Camera
Aircraft Attitude Meter Concepts

Wishful Patch Notes update - February 7, 2004

Several sections of the Wishful Patch Notes have been updated with new conceptual graphics:

NTU enhancements
Spawn Improvements
Grenade holster

New Vehicles added - January 27, 2004

2 new vehicles have been posted in the New Vehicles page:

Infantry Support Vehicle (ISV)
Infantry Support Aircraft (ISA)

You can find them here.

Interface Patch Notes added - January 19, 2004

The Wishful Patch Notes section has been updated. View the Interface v1.0 notes. Found here.

UPDATED! Interface patch notes have been updated with HUD concept art under Command HUD Features and Cert-Specific HUD Features.

New Certifications Posted - January 11, 2004

Some new Certs have been posted in the New Certifications page:

Technician (Tech)
Advanced Technician (AdvTech)
Communications Technician (ComTech)

You can find them here.


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