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Also check out this official forum thread for more graphics.

- ANTs now convert NTUs from a warp gate into 5x5 power cells that are stored in its trunk. The power cells can then be removed from the ANT and transported via personal or alternate vehicle inventory. The NTUs may be transfered directly into an NTU Silo if the player has the Engineering cert and Nano-dispenser tool equipped. This manual transfer takes 50% longer to complete than using an ANT.

NTU Transfer Diagram

Alternate optoins for NTU delivery

Deployables HUD Concept #1
Deployables HUD Concept #2

ANT Trunk (43kb)
NTU powercells concept (42kb)

- AMS supply now runs off of NTU source when in enemy territory, such as a base SOI. Once depleted, AMS terminals only provide up to Agile armor, Standard Assault weapons, and basic equipment.

Supply Diagram

How territory control affects Supply and NTU need

- Vehicles now have a capacitor or battery that is depleted as the vehicle moves about. Once it is depleted, a vehicle rolls to a stop or crash lands. The capcitor also powers enhancement modules, called System Upgrades, which are installed only by an Advanced Technician. These Upgrades boost various aspects of a vehicle performance at the cost of reduction in other aspects.

- Vehicles have many options and locations to replenish their capacitors. They can refuel at:

  • Warpgates or Geowarps
  • ANTs
  • Engineers with nano-gun
  • Lodestars
  • Base Repair/Rearm Silos
  • Tower Repair/Rearm Silos
  • Landing Pad (Air only)

More details and more Illustrations on how the NTU changes work.


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