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Disclaimer: These concepts are for entertainment only and are in no way an official SONY concept for Planetside.

The Urban Areas concepts are currently being updated and revised to a Radius-model as opposed to the previous Territory-model.

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1) Revised Urban Outpost Concept: SOI-based
2) Urban Outpost Building Descriptions
3) Original Urban Outpost Concept: Territory-based

Revised Urban Outpost Concept: SOI-based

Revised Urban Outpost Concept

Topics will include:


Urban Area (Urban Outpost) Building Descriptions

There are three types of structures:

  • One-room Structure
  • Two-room Structure
  • Vehicle Shed (as protection from orbital strikes, bombing, and prying eyes)

Each structure has two or three versions:

  • Regular
  • Ruined
  • With a Roof (and stairs leading up to it)

These structures would be clustered in groups of three at key areas on a continent, such as bridges, crossroads, mountain passes, hilltops, etc.


  • Empty structures are added at several places on a continent as a proof-of-concept.
  • Around them perhapse are scattered a few boxes for cover such as you'd find in a facility courtyard.
  • Below are the various types of structures available and some possible combinations of the three styles.


  • Phase two adds more outposts to the landscape and includes interiors for each room to give them more purpose and character.
  • These types of interiors are:
    • Barracks - furnished with an equipment terminal, wall coverings, and a table.
    • Aid Station - furnished with a medical terminal, wall coverings, and an exam table.
    • Depot - furnished to look like a basement with crates and boxes, and an equipment terminal.
    • Workshop - furnished with a medical terminal, wall coverings, and machinery.
    • Command Post - furnished with a holo-table, wall consoles, and lockers.
  • Around them perhapse are scattered a few boxes for cover such as you'd find in a facility courtyard.
  • Below are the various types of interiors available and some possible combinations:

  • Outposts can also be possible locations for goods terminals. Like the other terminals in the room, these terminals do not run out of power, can be hacked, and provide an alternate source of basic equipment such as ammo, medkits, stimpaks, engi juice, med juice, etc. Kind of like a PX store in a box. To be used with a proposed rank salary system.
  • Below is a simple rendering of Phase One structures:

Idea Emporium Boards

Urban Outpost Renders by Kusutto


  • Phase Three adds "capturability" to an outpost and the inclusion of a Maglev Station structure.
  • Outposts now become part of the Tactical Display system, emitting a detection radius of their own like towers to cover more of the terrain.
  • This is the final part of a plan to engage players to fight for every inch of a continent rather than simply zip from base CC to base CC.
  • The Maglev Station:
  • has a loading ramp that allows vehicles to enter train
  • the Maglev boarding area allows players to enter train
  • the Lockers are for storing weapons and equipment locally
  • servers as a possible location for goods terminals

View details on the Maglev concept

Maglev Render by Kusutto


Disclaimer: it should be noted that the idea name is altered from Urban Areas to Urban Outposts; The Territory concept has been altered to an SOI-based system.


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