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February 2004 News

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Site Updates - February 29, 2004

Several links to topics posted on the official Wishlist Forum, by Ludorious, SilentSparrow, and Echoblast, have been included in the Featured Posts section.

The Links section has also been updated with a few more links to tactics, community, and outfit sites.

Also corrected were some bad links sending visitors back to the old site.

New Site Name, New Host Server - February 20, 2004

Planetside Idea Lab now has a dedicated domain name: We have also moved our hosting to for better community accessibility. Thanks to PSU for the webspace and to Hamma for managing the transfer.

The original site and image files will remain in place so current forum and image links can stay valid. After a time the old site will finally be phased out.

Game Overview and Features Pages added - February 16, 2004

Overview and Features list pages are up. Once the other sections are added (Empires, weapons, background), the site will be officially live as a fan site.

Game Overview
Game Features

Another Wishful Patch Notes UPDATE! - February 14, 2004

Several sections of the Wishful Patch Notes have been updated again with new conceptual screens:

Rear-view Camera
Aircraft Attitude Meter Concepts

Empire Headlines Updates - February 14, 2004

The Empire Headlines sections have been updated with info from the official patch notes. The goal of these Headline pages is to deliver Empire-specific news for their loyal troops. If you are a loyal son or daughter of any of these Empires, feel free to take a look at the news and changes just for your side. More Empire-specifc graphics and features will follow for these sections.

Terran Republic Headlines
New Conglomerate Headlines
Vanu Sovereignty Headlines

Concept Art and Wishful Patch Notes UPDATE! - February 7, 2004

The Concept Art page has been updated with new graphics and links. View section here.

Several sections of the Wishful Patch Notes have been updated with new conceptual graphics as well:

NTU enhancements
Spawn Improvements
Grenade holster

January Poll Results are In! Also a NEW Poll - February 3, 2004

When the fighting has lulled for a few moments, the forces of Liberty, Loyalty, and Might crowd into their respective Sanctuary eateries for a quick meal. As a lunch starter, 135 polled troopers choose to have:

a Cup of Soup - 51%
a Glass of Water - 29%
a Bowl of Salad - 20%

Thank you, all you hungry troopers, for voting in January's poll.

Please vote in our latest poll on the AFL Weapons-Required Super LLU Bowl.


p.s. Attention, to the owner of a red and black marauder. You have left your lights on in the parking lot. This is a friendly reminder from theTerran Republic Energy Management Bureau. Turn them off or be tortured and shot. That is all.




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