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January 2004 News

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Wishful Patch Notes UPDATED! - January 30, 2004

The Wishful Patch Notes page has been updated yet again with lots of new information and concepts. View them here.

New Vehicles added - January 27, 2004

2 new vehicles have been posted in the New Vehicles page:

Infantry Support Vehicle (ISV)
Infantry Support Aircraft (ISA)

You can find them here.

Interface Patch Notes added - January 19, 2004

The Wishful Patch Notes section has been updated. View the Interface v1.0 notes. Found here.

UPDATED! Interface patch notes have been updated with HUD concept art under Command HUD Features and Cert-Specific HUD Features.

New Certifications Posted - January 11, 2004

Some new Certs have been posted in the New Certifications page:

Technician (Tech)
Advanced Technician (AdvTech)
Communications Technician (ComTech)

You can find them here.


Featured Post and About Me sections added - January 10, 2004

A new section called Featured Posts and Articles will serve as a portal for posts related to concepts I develop here, as well posts and articles by other players that are of note. All can be found here.

In the Community Section can be found About Me, a personal introduction as well as some background info on how I came to Planetside and to developing the Idealab site. Found here.


Bio Lab Cross-sectoin in Development - January 10, 2004

Explore the levels of the Bio Lab Facility and discover all its passageways and chokepoint areas. Artwork Status: Under development for 2004.

Gun Tower Cross-section in Development - January 10, 2004

The Gun Tower: 4 Levels, 2 Phalanx Turrets, 3 Equipment Terminals, 2 Spawn Tubes, 2 Lockers, 1 Control Console. See it all in this Cut-away. Coming 2004.




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