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Year 2005 News

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December Idealab Updates - December 11, 2005

Scout Vehicle Updates

Mosquito recieves a Laze-pointer
Harrassers and ATVs can detect mines

Left image: Mosquito recieves a Laze like the Harasser and Wraith.
Right image: Harassers and ATVs can detect enemy mines

General HUD Updates

Public Medic Rez bar
Visible timers on Implants
See-Enemy-Outfit toggle
Descriptive names on warpgates

Top row, Left: Public revive status bar
Top row, Right: Visible timers for implants
Bottom row, Left: See-Enemy-Outfit Name toggle
Bottom row, Right: More descriptive warpgate names

Command HUD Updates

Left image: CUD gets a LAZE secondary mode at CR1.

OHQ Status and Selection HUD

Public Medic Rez bar

Currently working on Base selection interface and demo

Fall 2005 Poll Results

What method of payment do you use for Planetside?

46% 1-month Subscription
19% 3-month Subscription
16% Account cancelled, just lurking at the moment
10% Station Access subscription
5% 6-month Subscription
5%12-month Subscription

Thank you to the 721 vistors who voted.

Idealab will be setting up a different poll service, one that doesn't produce a barrage of popup ads (and there was much rejoicing). 2.0 Debut - December 11, 2005

Rev announces release of version 2

"I present you version 2 of my stat site. It's pretty much an entire rewrite and should perform a lot better than the previous site. It is also now tracking all characters."

So what are you waiting for?

Idealab Updates - October 25, 2005

CE Tracker Update

On October 13, 2005, Planetside gains the CE Deployables Tracker at last! Combat Engineers across the galaxy celebrate. In other news, death by mines has increased dramatically.

Deployables HUD Concept (94kb) (01-16-2004)
NEW! - Flash Demo: CE Tracker (10-01-2005)

Recent Game Updates

Looking for Squad Enhancements and "Rabbit" gameplay have been added to the Planetside.

Vehicle Page Update:

The Medevac Deliverer and Medevac Aircraft entries have been updated, and the "Mule" ANT variant added to the New Vehicles page.

Special Features Update:

The Special Features Page has been updated with these three sections.

Future of Planetside: Community Ideas list page:

Compiled from requests made by players in the Future of Planetside thread on the Official Forums, as well as from other requests made over the years, this list contains a general breakdown of player desires for the game.

Planetside Sounds Index

Idealab has also added a Planetside Sounds Index page for player reference.

Planeside Request Tracker

Due to a shortage of space on the Official Forums, the Planeside Request Tracker is being moved to Idealab for easier updating. Stay tuned while we bring this list up to date with all the latest fufulled wishes and new requests.

Poll Discussion: Short-Term Feedback Projects:

As a result of the Future of Planetside thread, the developers listed several possible developments for the game and posted a poll for players to choose among them.

My comments: 10-14-2005

Poll Discussion: Long-Term Feedback Projects:

My comments: 10-17-2005

New Flash Demo: Voice Macro Icons - August 06, 2005

Voice Macro Icons are intended as a visual aid to help players in combat find those they need to support. Click the image below or head to the Flash Demo section to view the demo.

Wait for Respawn

Voice Macro Icons

Maps and Emplacement Section Updates - July 21, 2005

The Neutral Continent maps have been updated to the current lattice of No Capitols. Esamir's geowarp links have been fixed.

The Interstellar map on the Continents page has been updated with the lattice link between Cyssor and Ishundar.

Searhus Updated Lattice
Updated Lattice Ishundar
Cyssor Updated Lattice
Updated Lattice Esamir

The Emplacements section is receiving some attention with new graphics and pages added for each type. More images and descriptions to come, with an official release when it is all finished.

Other updates include small revisions to the New Certifications, New Weapons, and New Vehicles pages. Command Squads will be getting attention soon as well.

Broken links in the Articles and Posts section, and in various other pages, have been fixed.

New Wallpaper in Media Section - April 24, 2005

Announcing the addition of a couple simple images to the Wallpaper section.

I have started with the typical "Wide-screen Overlay" design, but will be experimenting with various other styles and resolutions later on. Eventually there will be custom ones with Syndicate and Idealab themes.

Hope you enjoy them. Please feel free to offer any ideas for future shots or designs.

Planetside and Idealab Updates - March 14, 2005 Goes Live!

Idealab News:

The Idealab and Concept Division Forums have finished their integration with's boards, and can now be accessed from the Syndicate site or the Site Forums button

in the main menu above. You can also browse Idealab concepts from my Wiki page on the Syndicate.

New Works-in-Progress have been added to the Idealab boards over the past few months:

As always, check out the To-Do List to view all features currently in development for Idealab.

Idealab Poll:

Poll results for February are in. The question asked was, "Which recently revealed concept from Planetside do you welcome the most?"

  • Support Merits - 40%
  • Tournament Mode - 16%
  • New Lattice layout - 14%
  • Server Scripting Engine - 14%
  • Command Recall - 12%
  • Revised Broadcast Warpgates - 4%

Be sure to vote in this months poll: "In what medim would you most like to learn about Planetside's Game Lore?"

Planetside News:

Samhayne, filling in for Sporkfire (who has moved on to other opportunities), has posted the latest Weekly Development Activities detailing features for upcoming releases.

Release 3.4: Possible playtest this week

Release 3.5: March, 2005

Future Releases: April, 2005

Happy Birthday Planetside Idealab! - February 18, 2005 Goes Live!

PSIL celebrates its One Year Anniversary. Idealab also transitions to new forum space on PSS. Concept Division gains a new name and new identity.

New Lattice Maps! - February 4, 2005

Planetside Producer and Lead Designer, Alex "Samhayne" von Minden, has posted a revised In Development thread laying out the latest links for the upcoming global lattice shakeup. The maps shown below were created from Samhayne's lattice changes.

Click on each thumbnail to view the larger image. A special thanks to Straws for providing the neutral background maps.

Searhus New Lattice
Ceryshen New Lattice
Amerish New Lattice
Cyssor New Lattice
Forseral New Lattice
New Lattice Ishundar
New Lattice Hossin
New Lattice Esamir
New Lattice Solsar
New Lattice Battle Islands

Be sure to check out Samhayne's thread for more lattice details and info on the continents.

Planetside Syndicate Goes Live! Idealab Joins - January 31, 2005 Goes Live!

A new fansite, Planetside has just gone LIVE!

Idealab is pleased to announce it has signed on to become a member of this new community venture.

"The Planetside Syndicate is a cooperative effort between a team of planetside webadmins providing a centralized repository of community data.

In addition to our array of powerhouse contributors, the Syndicate has our own feature: the Wiki."

To learn more about the Syndicate, it's contributors, and the new Wiki feature, head over to

Coming Idealab Features - January 26, 2005

Weekly Dev Activities

Idealab will be introducing new features and content over the coming months, as a renewed drive to expand the site.

This includes:

  • Spotlighting select Official Forum and Idealab Forum threads of interest to the game's development.
  • The Concept Division (formerly known as the Idea Emporium) will also be making a bolder appearance on the main page and within the site itself.
  • Idealab will also be shrugging off it's "under construction" disclaimers and showcasing Works in Progress as they develop through their various stages, from sketch to screen.
  • The Empire News sections will be brought up to date.
  • The Monthly Polls will pick up once more.
  • Emplacements, Outfit Features, Urban Outposts, and Empire Tech Level concepts will continue development.

These are just a few of the enhancements in the works for 2005. So stay tuned for more developments as Idealab returns from its brief hiatus.

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