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August 2004 News

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Planetside Updates: Islands, Robots, and Patches! - August 13, 2004

Weekly Dev Activities

Alert transmissions have been sent by the leadership of all three Empires yesterday. Something strange is happening on Auraxis. You can head to each Empire's

News Section to view the broadcasts by clicking on the links to the right.

Sporkfire announced yesterday that major events are happening all this weekend on Planetside, with a final event taking place at 8pm EST on Monday. These events are designed to bring about the inclusiion of Battle Islands to the game, so if you have been unable to check them out on the Test Server, this Monday will be your first introduction to the new Island cluster replacing Oshur. This coming Monday will also feature a radically different global map, opening up unlimited possibilities for the game in the future. Be sure to get online this weekend or at least Monday. All players will be able to experience the event when they log on.

Also yesterday, Sporkfire released brand new images of the BFRs, the Battleframe Robotics to be released after the new continent cluster of Oshur.

Version 2.9.8 also went live about this time. Features include some bug fixes and Damage Degredation reduction for Medium Assault wapons. If you'll remember, camera shaking was released with a previous patch, so come Monday, battles will look and feel decidedly different.

Editor's Note: Due to Hurricane Charley (which is bearing right down on where I'm staying for the weekend!) I will most likely be unable to get online to catch the first or second day of the events to post screenshots. If you'd like to see images or video of the events, several players on the official forums have pledged to record the occurances and post them online.

Planetside-Universe Updates - August 13, 2004

Planetside Universe: Mobilization Alpha commences a week from today. I plan on attending the event (it's easy for me since I live in Orlando) so updates to Idealab will have to wait till the following week. . We should have an exciting time ahead and I'll try to take notes and pictures to cover the events and shenanegans. PSU has also announced that CriticalMass, SmokeJumper, and Sporkfire will all be in attendance as well and I'm looking forward to meeting them and the other members of our community. For those going to PSU:MA, I'll see you there!

In other news, PSU is hiring for their AGN news casting department. Head there for more information.

New August Poll, June/July results - August 9, 2004

June and July''s poll was, "How many members does your Outfit usually field on an average night??"

5-10 players - 27%
10-15 players - 22%
15-20 players - 15%
20-30 players - 11%
30-50 players - 9%
5 players or less - 9%
50-100 players - 4%
100+ players - 3%

Thank you, to the 543 participants, for voting in June and July's poll.

Remember to check out this month's poll. Now that we know the developers are working on new Base layouts, Battleframe robots, and at least one new vehicle : What major feature should come to Planetside next?

Weekly Development News - August 8, 2004

Weekly Dev Activities

Sporkfire posted his Weekly Development Activities today on the official forums. Battles Islands are still in testing but close now to going live.

Several playtests were conducted

last week to test both the new islands and the camera shake feature. More playtests are probably on the way, so be sure to hop onto the Test Server and give the new content a spin .

Spork also mentioned some screenshots or wallpapers of upcoming features such as the BFRs might be coming to us soon.

Patch 2.9 goes live - August 2, 2004

Development Update

Update: Smokejumper has confirmed that Oshur will be the continent replaced by 4, not 3, new Battle Islands hopefully sometime tonight.

Patch 2.9 goes live this morning at 3am, Pacific, or 6am Eastern. The Patch includes the latest balance pass to mostly Terran Republic and Vanu Sovereignty weapons and equipment. Details found here. Or you can check the Empire News pages for Terran Republic and Vanu Sovereignty summaries of the Patch.

Also on Monday, according to Planetside Universe's Ask the Devs last week, Battle Islands will be arriving to the Test Server. Seemingly in relation to this event, the Planetside team has invited all players to the Test Server for a Planetside Community Video Capture. Rumor has it that seismic and astrological events of massive proportions will be occuring at the time of the Battle Island's birth. One can speculate that the Test Server would be the perfect place for everyone to share in this event. So be sure to attend and hopefully become an eyewitness to the birth of the Battle Islands!

For more information on Battle Islands, please check this official link, as well as this collection of Develeper responses regarding the new content.



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