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July 2004 News

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Weekly Development News - July 26, 2004

Weekly Dev Activities

Sporkfire posted his Weekly Development Activities today on the official forums. Version 2.9 is going through QA at the moment. Among its features are the balance adjustments, bug and game fixes, as well as performance

enhancements such as the Level of Detail feature, and more Culling Animation options.

Empire News - Balance Adjustments - July 19, 2004

Check out the Empire News section or the Empire headlines links to the right to see the new balance adjustments and improvements coming to the Terran Republic,Vanu Sovereignty, and New Conglomerate.

Battleframes (BFR) Coming to Planetside - July 19, 2004

Sporkfire posted Sony's official response to Sunday's explosion of rumors about giant mech-type vehicles in this announcement today on the forums.

Be sure to pick up this coming month's copy of Computer Gaming World to check out the exclusive details.

New Forums and Idea Emporium online - July 13, 2004

New Forums and Idea Emporium

Planetside Idealab forums are now online, as is the new Idea Emporium section.

In the Idealab forums will soon be Work In Progress updates, as well as threads to discuss current

concepts already on the site.

To view the forums you may either click the links above, select Sanctuary from the Main Menu and click Site Forums, or select Community from the Main Menu and click Forums.


Idea Emporium Boards

The Idea Emporium is comprised of two sections: The Idea Emporium forums where the community can share their ideas with others

via the Wishlist, as well as find design/artistic partners to help them realize their concepts; and The Idea Emporium thumbnail gallery (coming later), where finished concepts and their artwork, will be posted for community viewing.

To view the Emporium, select Idea Emporium from Sanctuary, or from the Comminuty menu select Idea Emporium. You may also use the Forums link in Community.

Idea Terminal Section Update - July 12, 2004

A few items in the Idea Terminal section have been updated:

Brought the Idea Terminal news page up to date.

Updated the New Certifications section to merge the Technician cert into Engineering, as well as add the Field Assault and Field Engineering certs in preperation for the opening of the Deployable Emplacements and New Weapons and Equipment sections.

Listed the types of items for availabe for Deployable Emplacements and New Weapons sections. More details on that are coming.

Re-designed the Infantry Support Vehicle and Aircraft in the New Vehicles section into Medevac vehicles to supplement Adv Medic role and the revive/medevac concepts.

My current To Do List:

  • Progress bar for corpse reviving, visible to nearby troops
  • Engineering icon on minimap like for the Adv Med (I know, I know, this has been on the table for months)
  • Light Scout improvements (seeing mines, etc)
  • Deployable Emplacements
  • Urban Outposts (formerly known as Urban Areas) - Including NTU changes
  • Empire Tech Levels
  • Complete the Infopedia sections
  • Complete the Game info sections
  • Sanctuary Capitals
  • Task Force concept improvements
  • Galaxy cargo drop feature (also a concept that has been asked for ages)
  • Force Objectives (missions) system
  • Command Vehicle, Post, and Center Features
  • Outfit Headquarters, including base upgrades (the continent-part of a revamped Outfit Base Ownership concept)
  • Outfit Barracks (the sanctuary-part of a revamped Outfit Base Ownership concept)
  • Updated Outfit features (permissions, improved roster, filters, chat)
  • Retooled Outfit point expenditures
  • Comtech Cert details
  • Advanced Tech Cert details
  • Squad HUD improvements
  • Personal Inventory additions
  • Various Wishful Patch Notes illustration

Weekly Development News - July 12, 2004

Weekly Dev Activities

Sporkfire posted his Weekly Development Activities today on the official forums. Features some bug and game fixes, performance enhancements, small updates on Battle Islands, new balance pass, and new facilities.

Weekly Development News - July 8, 2004

Weekly Dev Activities

Sporkfire posted his Weekly Development Activities today on the official forums. Patch 2.8 is currently live, with 2.9 and perhaps an in-between build in preperation for release of the Battle Islands.

Of note is the announcement of rebalancing of various weaponry, AI/AV Maxes, Prowler, Galaxy, and Medium Assault. Also there's on-going performance enhancements and development of new facility maps. Activity notes found here.

Interface and Chat Section Opened - July 6, 2004

The "New Interface and Chat" section has been opened with new interface concepts for reviving and respawning, viewing vehicle status, and more. Check it out.

Updated: More HUD improvements

have been added, specifically visual aids for hacking and repairing.

Patch 2.8.5 goes live - July 6, 2004

Development Update

Patch 2.8.5 went live this morning. Items of note: 7 more hotkey slots add to HUD, Grid overlay for maps, Grid location shows in squad bars, an achievement page added to Character Info, start of data-tracking for merit commendations,

FPS improvements, Proxmity Squad invites, and the ability to spawn multiple chat windows. Patch notes found here.


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