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June 2004 News

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Weekly Development News - June 28, 2004

Weekly Dev Activities

Sporkfire posted his Weekly Development Activities today on the official forums. Patch 2.8 is currently on Test Server with hopes of releasing it this week.

Of note is the announcement that

immediatly after 2.8 goes live, work will begin on the rebalancing mentioned last week and on PSU's Ask the Devs.

Don't forget to check out the Public Test Server to preview Patch 2.8; complete with grid lines, chat spawning, and multiple hotkey bars. Please post concerns or suggestions or bugs in the Test Server Feedback forum.

Balance Analysis Update - June 23, 2004

Development Update

Sporkfire posted an update on a current internal analysis on balance issues, such as MAXs, Multi-crewed vehicles, and Empire Incentives. Click here for more.

Of note is an impending In

Concept thread for the community to voice opinions on the listed issues. This update will occur shortly after Patch 2.8 "has made it's way through QA.."

Weekly Development News - June 21, 2004

Weekly Dev Activities

Sporkfire posted his Weekly Development Activities today on the official forums. The Development team continues to work on Patch 2.8, with hopes that it will be in QA and Test Server early next week.

Updates of note: The development team is currently looking into the population balance issues and Battle Islands begins internal testing this week.

New Battle Islands Information - June 15, 2004

Sporkfire Update: More information and images released on Battle Islands

New Battle Islands Info

After Smokejumper revealed some info on Battle Islands, Sporkfire posted an official update and opened Comment and Questions forums for comments. Head on over and check out the new info.

Smokejumper has provided a few bits of info for the upcoming Battle Islands.

Some of this will be more comprehensible with a full write-up, but here's a few tidbits:

a) The smaller islands are organized into Clusters.

b) Individual islands can only be empire locked if that empire locks ALL the islands within a Cluster. (Locking just the three bases on one island wouldn't create a "lock" situation on that island until all other islands in the cluster are also completely owned.)

c) Pop locks occur per island. So if an island has a swarm of people on it, the Cluster won't be pop-locked...just that individual island.

d) FLB and module benefit sharing occurs through warpgate links within a Cluster. Therefore, if you own a tech plant on one island, and that tech plant is connected through a warpgate to another facility on a different island, BUT within the same island cluster, then FLBs and module benefits get shared across that link.

e) Clusters have comparable numbers of facilities to the larger continents you're used to now.

f) Capitols *can* occur on island clusters, but not all clusters will necessarily have Capitols. Sub-caps might be located on separate islands from the main capitol building in that case, but within the same Cluster.

Some answered questions from Smokejumper. Sporkfire also answerd questions in the Comments and Questions forums.

Questions Answered :

Q: Are you using the same bases?
A: "Initially, yes. Same bases. Very different setups (surrounding terrain) for those bases, but initially using the same ones."

Q: It would be infinitely cool if you could cross the seas between the Battle Islands in one cluster.
A: "The individual islands are still separate zones. This is so that we can have separate pop-locks for them (which is a VERY good thing) and so they are smaller so that events can alter the world in the future without colossally-sized patches. But that future flexibilty means it's not possible to sail/fly between islands. You have to use warpgates for that."

Q: What will population caps be on these islands?
A: "The poplock on a small island will actually be quite comparable to that of a full-sized continent."

Q: Are these Battle Islands taking the "First M in MMOFPS" out of the game?
A: "I understand why they think that a smaller island might somehow equate to smaller battles, but actually...the opposite is true. These smaller islands focus the flow of gamers..."

Q: Will we have to wait at the last base on one island before warping to the next in order to get our [XP] points?
"You'll get base xp if you leave one island and go to the next. Just stay within the cluster and you'll be fine."

Q: Are the Islands individually named?
A: "Islands (and Clusters) have individual names, so your commanders will be able to reference them individually."

Q: Won't there be messy warpgate fights and zerg fests?
Warpgate fights are anticipated, especially since the islands make use of a smaller version of the warpgate...That's why we're going to be doing we can watch you all play and adapt the maps to the new tactics.

Q: ...Will the Continental map become a Cluster Map?
A: Actually, the global map interface is being redesigned to go along with the concept of clusters, so that question is up in the air at the moment. I'll have an answer once that has been through the Development process for a bit longer.

Q: Are all the new battle islands considered one island and each differnt mini island called a cluster?
A: The three of them together, Ascension, Desolation, Extinction, comprise a cluster. So, there are 3 islands that form one cluster.

Weekly Development News - June 14, 2004

Weekly Dev Activities

Sporkfire posted his Weekly Development Activities today on the official forums. The Development team continues to work on Patch 2.8, with hopes that it will be in QA and Test Server this week.

Development Updates: Patch 2.7.8 - June 10, 2004

Patch 2.7.8 Update

Spork has posted that Patch 2.7.8 is planned to go live for tomorrow. Included in this update are weapons changes to the Thunderer and Aurora, as described in the NC and VS News section; as well as the Density

Warnings getting a cosmetic improvement to show color-coded text warnings: Yellow, Orange, to Red.

New June Poll, May results - June 7, 2004

May's poll was, "Which Vehicle should get an empire-specific Variant next?"

Reaver - 36%
Galaxy - 25%
Lightning - 14%
Mosquito - 7%
Liberator - 6%
Harasser - 5%
Sunderer - 5%
Skyguard - 2%

Thank you, to the 359 participants, for voting in May's poll.

Remember to check out this month's poll: "How many members does your Outfit usually field on an average night?"'s AGN Community Night! - June 7, 2004

June 2004, Community Night

Planetside-Universe's AGN Community Night is coming on Friday, the 18th of June. This is your chance to submit your questions for the following Ask the Devs, scheduled for June 24th.

Check out their announcement at PSU, and mark your calenders.

Weekly Development News - June 7, 2004

Weekly Dev Activities

Sporkfire posted a new Weekly Development Activities today on the official forums. Head there and check out the new info.

New to the upcoming patch 2.8 is the LFS toggle, a player's grid

location showing in the squad bar, weapon changes to Deliverer variants, x8 the number of shortcut keys, and outfit invites listing unit and name.

Planetside Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary - June 4, 2004

Anniversary Celebration

To celebrate one year since release, Planetside is activating all old accounts from June 5 to June 15, to give former players a chance to come back and see how much more the game has improved. Read more for details.

They are also teaming up with

Fileplanet to bring all-new customers a chance to experience the game for themselves with a low-priced 30-Day Trial. Read more for details.

The main site also lists some of the latest updates to go into the game, as well as a sneak image of one of the upcoming Battle Islands.

Weekly Development News - June 1, 2004

Weekly Dev Activities

Sporkfire posted a new Weekly Development Activities today on the official forums. Head there and check out the new info.

Of note is the start of stat tracking in preperation for merit

commendations, a new grid overlay for maps, the phantasm cloaking transport, a local-area squad invite ability, an announcement of 3 new battle islands currently in development, and more.


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