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May 2004 News

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Development Updates: Patch 2.7 is LIVE - May 27, 2004

PS Development Updates

Today, Patch 2.7.6 has gone live. This patch includes a host of updates such as the Vehicle Variants, Empire incentives, Population displays, Session stat screen, new improved AMS, Gunner/Driver HUD display,

towers visible at max zoom, and various other additions and fixes. Head on over to the Patch Notes and check them out.

Weekly Development News - May 24, 2004

Weekly Dev Activities

Sporkfire posted a new Weekly Development Activities today on the official forums. Head there and check out the patch 2.7 info and current fixes.

Of note is Merit Commendations

moving from In Concept to In Development after the patch goes through.

Planetside 1 Year Anniversary! - May 20, 2004

1 Year Anniversary

Today Planetside was released to the world one year ago.

Tonight's Ask the Devs on Planetside-Universe promises a major announcement from Sony on this occasion. You can bet I'll be

there. It's on PSU's AGN shoutcast, 8pm EST. This section will be updated as the announcement is made public.

UPDATES from PSU's Ask the Devs tonight:

Battle Islands! CriticalMass announced that more continents are going to be coming to Planetside, each one with a varied style of gameplay. The devs have stated this will impact Capitol Buildings as well as access to the Core Combat caverns, among other things. And yes, Home Continents are returning. Also mentioned was that population caps would be the same for these smaller, more content-packed islands.

Battle Islands are scheduled for patch 2.9. As you probably know we are coming up on the release of 2.7 with vehicle variants and empire incentives, and then 2.8 for Merit Commendations.

Info on Battle Islands will be revealed in a Press Release probably next week, at such time images/maps will most likely be available for viewing.

Merit Commendations will eventually take the form of Post-BR20 abilities. Earning merit medals in a cert or style of gameplay will unlock abilities for that cert.

1st Anniversary War: PSU has also reported that Sporkfire announced players can re-activate old accounts for a 10-day war starting this coming Monday.

Update: With the lack of any official announcement so far concerning the 10-day war event, we must assume it is intended for a later date, possibly the following Monday.

Other plans and Dev desires of note:

  • Galaxy gunship (pilot/3 gunners/no passenger/more room for ammo = gunship)
  • Phantasm (possible new aircraft: half-squad air transport that can cloak, as of now designed to be piloted by infiltrator only)
  • The desire for more vehicle and MAX variants
  • Vehicle chat and driver XP probably after 2.9
  • Multi-crew Empire specific aircraft in brainstorming process
  • Improvements to Core Combat like IFF locks on doors, stats for facilities, etc.
  • Bunker improvements possibly after 2.9 patch
  • Request Revive future feature for medics to help them find dead people better
  • Revision of XP system so support people are more obviously rewarded

Community News: Our site host, has joined and now enjoys full support and financial security. Congratulations to everyone on the PSU team.

This is all incredibly juicy information and I would like to thank our site host, Planetside-Universe, and to the Developers for tonight's Ask the Dev's, and sharing their plans with us. No doubt PSU will provide more information as it becomes available, so be sure to check them out as well download the shoutcast later tonight so you can hear all this info for yourself.

Wishful Patch Notes Update - May 20, 2004

The Patch Notes section has been updated with a few small items:

AMS deploy warning icon - This feature has been requested many times, so I've whipped up a small image for how it could look.

Vehicle Pane improvements - Also frequently requested by the community, these improvements include remote viewing of a vehicle's ammo supply, type of weapons, and vehicle health. The AMS gets a Group Spawn select.


Zone Radar - an aircraft tracking feature attached to the Urban Areas concept.

Weekly Development News - May 17, 2004

Weekly Dev Activities

Sporkfire posted a new Weekly Development Activities today on the official forums. Head there and check out the listings for the next patch info and current fixes.

Of note is a fix to allow the

Maelstrom to damage generators, as well as the much awaited fix for Infiltrators being visible at high zoom.

PSU's Ask The Devs coming this Thursday! - May 17, 2004

May 2004, Ask the Devs

Remember that Planetside-Universe is having a special 1-year Anniversary Ask the Devs this Thursday, May 20th. Head over to PSU and read all about it.

Merit Commendations (May 12, 2004) - May 13, 2004

Merit Commendations

Sporkfire has posted a new In Concept Article about medals and commendations that can be earned in Planetside. You can share your thoughts for the idea on the official forums.

On a side note, back on the old forums, SilentSparrow suggested much the same thing. If you care to check out his ideas, his thread can be found here.

Weekly Development News (May 10, 2004) - May 11, 2004

Weekly Dev Activities

Yesterday, Sporkfire posted his Weekly Development Activities on the official forums. Head there and check out the listings for the next patch info and current fixes.

Of note is the vehicle HUD

improvement for drivers/gunners being moved to the upcoming 2.7 patch.'s AGN Community Night! - May 11, 2004

May 2004, Community Night

Planetside-Universe's AGN Community Night is coming on the 14th of May. This is your chance to submit your questions for the following Ask the Devs, scheduled for May 20.

Check out their announcement at PSU, and mark your calenders.

Development Updates (new screenshots) - May 6, 2004

PS Development Updates

New screenshots of the VS and NC versions of Vehicle Variants have been posted, as well as two new shots of the improved, dual-terminal AMS. Check them out in the updated In Development article, or in Planetside-

Universe's Post Release Vehicles gallery.

New May Poll, April results - May 6, 2004

April's poll was, "How long have you been playing Planetside?"

Since Beta - 31%
Since Release (May 2003) - 17%
Since last Summer (June-Aug 2003) - 25%
Since last Fall (Sep-Nov 2003)- 9%
Since Core Combat (October, 2003) - 1%

Since last Winter (Dec-Mar 2003) - 8%
Just recently joined up (Welcome!) - 7%
Sometime after Release I left but came back- 2%

Thank you, to the 361 participants, for voting in April's poll.

Remember to check out this month's poll: Which vehicle should get an empire-specific variant next?




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