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March 2004 News

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Coming Site Updates - March 25, 2004

Having arrived back in town, more updates for the site will be coming soon. Here are some of the entries on my To-Do list:

  • More items and concept graphics for the Wishful Patch Notes section
  • Empire Headlines section updates (Capitols, Upcoming developments, and more)
  • Completion of game-info pages such as Weapons, Certs, Story Background, Continents, and such
  • Initiate Picture of the Week feature
  • Update links to new Official Forums
  • Create logo for
  • Squad-composition charts for Field Manual
  • Chat diagrams explaining type and range of communication options
  • Announcements for PSU and Planetside news updates as they are posted
  • Squad HUD flash demo
  • New icons for the Wishful Patch Notes section to mark concept entries that the Developers happen to be bringing to the game
  • Begin entering content and diagrams for NTU Changes, Deployable Emplacements, Urban Areas, and Empire Tech Level sections in the Idea Terminal
  • More diagrams detailing the Command Squads/Task Forces concepts

Introducing Command Squads - March 15, 2004

Command Squads is a concept developed by ZeusPrime and myself, designed to better facilitate command and control on the Planetside battlefield.

Command Squads allow the creation of Task Forces which can hold an unlimited number of Squads and individual players for greater coordination of planetary campaigns. This feature would allow players to choose an overall commander and be aware of the location of, and confer with, fellow squads and platoons across the globe.

Check out the Command Abilities section in the Idea Terminal to learn more about the concept.

Site and Wishful Patch Notes Updates - March 12, 2004

Site Updates:

Rearranged right-side links for easier viewing and also repositioned the POTW graphic in anticipation of starting that feature up soon.

Opened NTU Changes section in the Idea Terminal with current ANT information. Walkthrough and diagrams to follow, as well as changes to how the AMS functions on the battlefield in relation to Urban Areas.

Added acknowledgement for site hosting by Thanks guys!

Wishful Patch Notes section updates:

Gameplay Changes (log-out/log-in spawn restrictions)
Player abilities (added support cert info)
Interface improvements (Voice Macros)
Game World visual improvements (added blurb for roadsigns)

Site Reorganzation and Additions - March 7, 2004

Some reorganization has taken place in the Training Center. The entries will be split into three sections: an Auraxin Infopedia, dealing with basic info on the empires, continents, and facilities; Basic Training, instructing players on the interface, weapons, and certs; and the Field Manual, where players learn about Squads, Outfits, and field maneuvers.

Stay tuned for the coming opening of the Training Center.

Several additions to the site include a new future section called the Idea Emporium, a place where members of the community will be able to post their concept artwork and ideas by catagory for easy browsing.

Other additions include a nav bar link to Empire-Specific News, and a Help Wanted section.

February Poll Results are In! - March 7, 2004

Who will be left standing at the Auraxin Football League's Weapons-Required Super LLU Bowl? 336 of you troopers picked your favorite teams and placed your bets:

Terran Republic Loyalists - 33%
New Conglomerate Freedom Fighters - 29%
Vanu Sovereignty Chosen Ones - 23%
Haven't the stomach for betting on these massacres - 15%

Thank you, all you bloodthirsty troopers, for voting in February's poll.

Thanks to Destroyeron for this month's poll: Improvements to Ceryshen.

p.s. Attention, all Vanu Sovereignty initiates: Please deliver your prototype bodies to the High Chamber of Guiding Evolution upon rebirth for mandatory Toenail Augmentation and Shading. Technology Equals Might!

New Patch Notes Update! - March 5, 2004

New entries for the Wishful Patch Notes section added today. These concepts have been constantly asked for in one form or another by the community. So check out the listing below to see the screens and read about the concepts.

Avatar Armor Bars
Numbered Boomers
Vehicle Location on Continent Map
Proximity Map contacts on Continent Map

and last but not least

Your Deployables appearing on the Continent Map



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